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The bi-annual teleconferences are now scheduled the 2nd Tuesdays in April and October. If you want to participate, please contact NAHBA at

NAHBA invites you to join the growing number of states who share an interest in the regulation of outdoor advertising and junkyards across America.
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Awards Committee


To coordinate the awards program developed by NAHBA to honor programs that excel in the outdoor advertising control program.
Appointment and Membership:
This is an administrative committee whose members consist of NAHBA volunteers. Committee members serve for one (1) year terms and can be reappointed to the committee for consecutive years.
Committee shall teleconference to review and award submitted entries. The committee may have other telephonic meetings as the Chairperson determines.
NAHBA Awards of Excellence Program Packet- PDF Version
Mike Stone
Oregon Department of Transportation
Rod McDaniels Scott Robinson Melissa Staffeld
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