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The bi-annual teleconferences are now scheduled the 2nd Tuesdays in April and October. If you want to participate, please contact NAHBA at

NAHBA invites you to join the growing number of states who share an interest in the regulation of outdoor advertising and junkyards across America.
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Pilot Programs
The experimental authority for pilot projects extends only to statutory, regulatory, and policy provisions under Title 23 of the Unties States Code, and does not change the requirements under other statutes, such as the Uniform Act or NEPA. All experimental autoryity is extinguished at the close of the pilot. (Dawson, 2011)

  Outdoor Advertising Control Pilot Programs: How do I get one?
    PowerPoint Presentation at the 2011 NAHBA Conference by Michael Dawson, FHWA
  South Carolina Pilot Program
    Upgrading certain nonconforming signs along Interstate 95 and Interstate 26
    South Carolina's Outdoor Advertising Nonconforming Sign Upgrage "Pilot" Program Proposal
  Florida Pilot Program
    Upgrading certain non-conforming signs along Interstate 75 in exchange for removal of other non-conforming signs

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